Established in 2020 as Everest Digital Bazar, EDB Group is a family-owned conglomerate that has since diversified into apparel, textiles, textile printing, washing, garment accessories, e-commerce, and Perlar.

EDB Operates A Connected Company

Amazing Things for You

The EDB Group’s success story is an inspiring tale of entrepreneurship. This family-owned conglomerate has achieved remarkable growth in various industries in a relatively short period. The EDB Group’s unwavering dedication and commitment to their goals have propelled them to scale heights of success in apparel, textiles, printing, e-commerce, and many other sectors. Their stellar success trajectory is a testament to the fact that hard work and determination can overcome any obstacle. The EDB Group sets a remarkable example of what can be achieved when one blends innovation, resilience, and foresight in business. The EDB Group’s success serves as a motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start and grow their businesses.


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